GeoRipper 2019 GR20 TwoStroke Mini Trencher


2019 GR20 TwoStroke Mini Trencher



The GeoRipper TwoStroke, Makita engine model EK6101, is engineered for industrial performance but with less weight at only 33 lbs. The GR20 TwoStroke is powered by a 61cc engine with a full 4.4 HP for everyday narrow trenching applications. It’s engineered to start easier and vibrate less. It also has innovative features like Stratified Air Scavenging (SAS) that recovers up to 75% of unburned fuel to reduce fuel consumption, and a cyclonic air intake that discards larger debris for increased air filter life – and less maintenance. The compact and efficient GR20 TwoStroke is an ideal digging solution for irrigation, root barrier, landscape lighting, and other pipe and wire installations.

  • Increased productivity over hand-digging
  • Decreased injury over hand-digging
  • Self-sharpening digging teeth for tree roots up to 3" below grade
  • Remove rocks up to 4" in most soils
  • Cyclonic air intake delivers more air increases air filter life
  • Start capacitor with start support resulting in less pull start force
  • Stratified Air Scavenging (SAS) recovers 75% unburned fuel
  • Lower noise at 97 dB9(A) and smoother idle for continuous operation

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