Salsco Core Recovery Vehicle

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Core Recovery Vehicle



The C.R.V. will cut your cleanup budget by 70%!
One person on the aerifier, one person on the dump vehicle, and one person on the C.R.V. can complete any aerification project. No one picks up a shovel!

The C.R.V. is a Dual Purpose Machine! When it isn't picking up cores, the conveyors can be removed in under an hour. With the conveyors removed, the C.R.V. becomes a 72" Wide Roller for Greens, Approaches, Fairways and Sports Fields. With Three Floating Rolls and 100% Drive to All Rolls, the C.R.V. is more than capable to roll the most challenging surfaces.

Two Elevators with floating guide blades clean & guide a 72" swath of cores to the elevators, which then carry the cores to the waste conveyor.

The Waste Conveyor can be emptied into a waste vehicle or dumped on the fly into the waste cart.